Rutgers Parent and Family Orientation


Parent & Family Orientation

For summer 2020, Parent and Family Orientation is an optional virtual program geared towards meeting the needs of our incoming students’ families. We strive to not only answer questions and provide guidance but to connect family members with key resources in our Rutgers community.

Presentation on finances, health and wellness and safety are coupled with sessions featuring current students. These sessions will familiarize you with university resources and help provide guidance on what your students will go through during their time as a Rutgers student.

Lastly, we will provide tips that we believe will help you be a partner alongside Rutgers in supporting your students’ academic and social success.


How Can You Prepare for Virtual Orientation?

How to Register for Virtual Orientation

Parents and family members can reserve their space by clicking here.


What Will You Need?

Please review the following items to make sure you are prepared for your orientation experience:

  • Use a device (computer, laptop, or tablet) that has audio functionality.
  • Virtual Orientation is best viewed by using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.
  • Access to internet
  • While not required, we recommend the use of headphones to not be distracted by background noise


How Do you Access Virtual Orientation

Virtual Orientation is supported through Rutger University’s Learning Management System, Canvas.  Canvas is the platform many of our faculty use and where the majority of your student’s coursework will be located.  You will receive access details and instructions via email one week prior to your session.  Please note, the email used to reserve your tickets will be the same email we send instructions.

Virtual Orientation is split into two sections a 3 hour synchronous section – everyone logs in at the same time to receive live/real-time information and an asynchronous section – complete different modules at your own speed – that can take up to 3 hours to complete. Please make sure you leave plenty of time to complete each portion of the program.

Our orientation staff team will be available to assist with your Virtual Orientation experience and/or questions about your transition to Rutgers University.  Please feel free to contact us at or 848-445-0572.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have To Attend A Parent and Family Program?

Parent and Family Orientation is an optional one day program for parent and family members who wish to connect and network with fellow family members while also getting information from various university departments and offices.

Can I Go To Any Parent and Family Orientation Program?

Yes. However, certain sessions are geared toward the parents and families of particular students (for example transfer parent and family programs and international parent programs)

I Can’t Go During The Day. Are There Any Programs At Night?

Yes. During the summer, there are two evening programs for parents and families who can’t be with us during the day. Space is limited so please register as soon as possible using the button on this page.