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Spotlight Series

December Spotlight


Rutgers Learning Centers
Spotlight Series Interview: Stacey Blackwell, Senior Director, Rutgers Learning Centers
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To advance student learning and prepare students for their future professions through innovative services and transformed teaching practices that promote faculty collaboration, student engagement, active and collaborative learning.

  • Provide students with the academic tools to become successful active and independent learners.
  • Develop students’ leadership skills through their roles as peer leaders (tutors, learning assistants, writing coaches, etc.).
  • Collaborate with departments to develop materials and programs that assist students in meeting course, department, and university learning goals.
  • Assess and evaluate LC programs to inform and transform the practices of academic support programs and instruction.
  • Enhance and expand collaborative and active learning opportunities for students, faculty, and staff.

November Spotlight


Rutgers University Mail Services
Spotlight Series Interview: David Ericksen, Assistant Manager, Mail Services
New Brunswick Campus Email:
Newark Campus Email: mail

Mail Services serves as the mail distribution hub for all departments and student mail. For more information about mail services at Rutgers University visit:

September Spotlight


Rutgers Student Employment Office
Spotlight Series Interview: Amy Creteau, Associate Director, Student Employment
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Students at Rutgers University and RBHS can apply for part-time positions to help pay for the cost of their education. The Student Employment Office in the Office of Financial Aid administers two programs: the Federal Work Study Program (FWSP) and the Job Location and Development Program (JLDP).

July Spotlight


Study Abroad – Center for Global Education
Spotlight Series Interview: Christina LoBrutto, Public Relations Specialist
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The Center for Global Education is a part of the university-wide Centers for Global Advancement and International Affairs (GAIA Centers). The GAIA Centers work toward developing a comprehensive, campus-wide set of international initiatives and services, initiating collaborative projects and strategic partnerships around the world, and expanding students’ opportunities for international study and research.

June Spotlight


New Student Orientation & Family Programs
Spotlight Series Interview: Rebecca Baier, Assistant Director for New Student Orientation and Family Programs and Ashlea Coulter, Associate Director, New Student Orientation and Family Programs
New Student Orientation:;
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Parent and Family Orientation:;
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New Student Orientation (NSO) provides the opportunity to become familiar with campus resources and make connections with current students, faculty, and staff before beginning classes. Parent and Family Programs believes that for students to succeed at Rutgers they need the support of not just faculty and staff members but their parents and families. When Rutgers and the families of Rutgers students partner together, students receive important messages and consistent support both inside and at home.

May Spotlight


Off-Campus Living and Community Partnerships
Spotlight Series Interview: Kerri Willson, Director, Off-Campus Living & Community Partnerships
39 Union Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901
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Rutgers Off-Campus Living and Community Partnerships is the central resource for students in the community- off-campus living, volunteering and spiritual exploration. We prepare students for life off-campus by assisting them with their housing search, including educational workshops focused on legal issues, safety, security and respect. We connect with community partners and faith-based leaders to offer all students opportunities to engage with ongoing community service and multifaith programs.

April Spotlight


Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance
Spotlight Series Interview: Laura Luciano, Interim Director, Violence Prevention Victim Assistance 
3 Bartlett Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Phone: 848-932-1181 (24 hours/day, 7 days/week)
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The Office for Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance is committed to creating a community free from violence. We provide services designed to raise awareness of and respond to the impact of interpersonal violence and other crimes. Through a combination of direct service, education, training, policy development, and consulting to the University and broader community, we serve as a critical voice in changing prevailing beliefs and attitudes about violence.

March Spotlight


Rutgers Student Health
Spotlight Series Interview: Francesca M. Maresca, Director, Health Outreach, Promotion and Education (H.O.P.E.)
View Health Center Locations Here
Phone: 848-932-7402 (For Medical Appointments), 848-932-7884 (For Mental Health Appointments)
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Rutgers Student Health is dedicated to offering healthcare for the whole student body, mind, and spirit. In support of the Rutgers University mission, we provide health and wellness services, education, and leadership uniquely designed to meet the developmental and educational needs of the University students, enhancing the quality of life for the entire Rutgers Community.

Parent & Family Association Meeting Video Recordings

The Rutgers Parents and Family Association meets monthly. We try to record and post our meetings below for out-of-state family members, or for individuals who can not make the meeting. Interested in attending the next meeting? Learn more about the Rutgers Parent & Family Association here.